Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Swimming is one of the most recreational and fun activity.

At the same time, it is also one of the best to beat the heat in the scorching sun of summers. Therefore people look forward to getting in the pool most of the time in summers.

But unfortunately, swimming is also one of those activities which could lead you to minor and major accidents. Getting cuts and bruises by falling and slipping are the most common incidents encountered while in the pool. As per the statistics, about 5% of deaths in kids occur due to drowning while swimming.

Therefore it’s high time to keep some major swimming pool safety tips in mind while going to the pool specialty with the kids.

Learn it perfectly

Yes this is the foremost thing to master before entering in the pool. Never ever let your kids enter the pool alone if he has not gain perfection in swimming. The basics of swimming are not sufficient to get inside the pool but a complete training and proper guidance is a must.

Remain calm

Poolsides are generally slippery due to water. Other than this the areas surrounding the pool are usually made up hard materials like grab rails. So never run, jump or walk in hurry around the pool. Keep up to your poise and remain calm so that you do not encounter any accident by slipping and losing your balance.

Build the barrier

A backyard pool becomes dangerous if you have kids in the home. Make sure the pool is properly gated so that the kids can’t enter its premises alone. These days motion sensors and pool covers are also available to make the pool area more safe and secured.

Supervision is a must

Whenever you are taking your kids to the pool it becomes extremely important to keep an eye on them and supervise. It didn’t take much time for the child to get drowned in water not more than 2 inches deep. Being vigilant all the time and not getting distracted is a must while the kids are inside the pool.

Keep a friend aside

If your kid is more than 10 years of age telling him to swim with a friend by the side is a good advice. Tell him to be sure that the buddy is not more than an arm’s distance in the pool. No one should enter the pool alone and when it’s about kids, having a friend by the side can avoid major accidents and negligence incidents.

Get know - How of CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation)

Many times even after taking all the precautions accidents and mishaps might happen. This is when a proper CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) training comes handy. Become a proper CPR trained which becomes a life-saving maneuver at times of emergency. Other than CPR, having a detailed know-how of first aid basics also proves to be very useful if any uncertainty happens.

Maintain the cleanliness of pool

Making the pool water safe for swimming and hygienic enough is yet another important thing to keep in mind. Properly chlorinated water which encompasses the right ph and hardness is the best to use for swimming without the fear of getting any skin irritation or disease.

Don’t drink and swim

Never get inside the pool under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When you are high and not in your senses the chances of getting drowned enhances to a great extent. The sense of coordination required while swimming gets influences and it might lead to major injuries.

Use flotation devices

Floating devices are not only life savers but also give aesthetic look to the pool.

While floating devices like inflatable toys, rafts, and air mattresses are best for the adults, life jackets and life preservers are best for the children.

 Keeping these items in the pool while you and your family are inside is a great safety tip to keep in mind.

So next time when you decide to spend some quality time in the pool, keep these tips handy and make sure that you and your kids are safe.

Cut off the chances of even a single mishap while swimming and keep pool maintenance free .

 Have a happy pool time!

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