Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Going for a swim is a lifestyle statement and when the pool is right inside your house it is a sheer dip in opulence.

Sure, you can let your creativity go for a wild run with pool side parties, dances, celebrations or private rejuvenation.

One thing a pool owner must not forget amidst the extravagance is the maintenance of this luxury.

In absence of regular maintenance, your beautiful pool can result in a dangerous swimming experience, given the dangers of algae growth, green water, and other contamination taking place.

Your negligence and lack of awareness can also cause you embarrassment in front of your pool guests. After all, it is your responsibility to ensure that your offer a healthy, happy and safe experience to your pool guests.

In fact, you need to pretty much consider it an important part of your home and treat its cleanliness and hygiene like wise.

Some of the important tips of maintenance of your swimming pool are as follows:-


Skim and Scrub the pool on a daily basis.

Skimming is done with a skimming net, where you pull out different kinds of waste/debris from the pool. Get hold of a pool brush to clean the pool. When doing that remember the sides of the pool that become the place for algae formation. Apply chlorine on the tough spots.

You can also vacuum clean your pool. For that, you need a pool vacuum cleaner.


It is advisable to clean up the pool filter at least once a week.

 You can also wash the filter pipes by backwashing them. In general use, the filter of your pool must be set on a timer and work at least 6 hours a day.


Keep the chemical level of your pool under check every 2 days.

So, ensure your pool as the correct amount of alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness levels. An imbalance in the levels may cause irritation to the body, besides other infections. The chemicals you'll need for your pool are:

  • Shock Chlorine(Granular form).
  • Chlorine Tablets.
  • Stain & Scale Preventer.
  • pH Increaser and/or Decreaser.
  • Alkalinity and/or Calcium Increaser.
  • Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer)
  • Algaecide
  • Complete Test Kit or Test Strips.

Maintain vigil and test the water once every week. Water should ideally look clear and have no scent.


Use baking soda.

You can use baking soda to clean your pool if you find the chemicals tough on your pocket


Shocking (shock chlorine) is another pool cleaning therapy.

This can be done after the pool has been much used.The method is to raise chlorine levels to a high level (5 times more than normal) for short duration to wipe out all bacteria. This can be done once in 40 days.


Keep a tab on the Water Level.

The level keeps changing owing to rains or other water activities. Fill up water with a garden hose if the level goes too low. On the other hand, if the level is high, then you'll need to drain the excess. You might need to call in an expert here.


A Tennis Ball can clean your pool.

Yes, it is true. Try throwing it in the pool and see the results in a few hours. The fibers on the ball absorb all kinds of greasiness (due to sun tan lotion, oils etc.) in pool. You can also, additionally, use an algaecide for your pool.


Try a Power Wash for the pool deck.

The area around your pool is just as important and you can try renting a power wash to pressure wash the surrounding area. Just make sure you sweep the deck first before you begin the power wash.


Hire a service expert

If you are new pool owner, and you don't want to make any expensive mistakes in "doing it yourself", then it is advisable to hire a service expert.


Buying a cover for your pool

Be aware of what all seasons mean for your pool. In that light, do prepare for the winters pretty much like the summers. To have a fun-filled and healthy summer swim season, make sure your pool is properly repaired and free of bacteria for the next season. Buying a cover for your pool is an investment.

Hope you found the tips useful. Hire an expert in the very beginning. That can be quite helpful and set your maintenance activities in priority.

Spring is a good time to hire your expert vendor and get things moving. If your pool is for a public purpose, then you also need to get going with your rule-book (for users/members) well in time.

In that light, your preparation for your pool (business) should be done in writing. All contracts and agreements with the maintenance vendors must be linked in advance.

You must be aware of first aid, as well as make arrangement for a pool instructor/trainer.

Regular maintenance of your pool will not only enhance your enjoyment but also improve the life of your luxury asset. It is a symbol of your status and it better remain pristine.

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