How to get dirt &sand out of the bottom of a above ground pool

the pool cleaner it came with doesn’t work….bought a pool shark auto-cleaner & the pump isn’t strong enough to move it…help!!! I am tired of having a dirty pool floor.

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5 Responses to “How to get dirt &sand out of the bottom of a above ground pool”

  • x68mermaidx:

    They sell a cheap suction/vacuum at hot tub stores. It is made of pvc pipe and you attach it to a garden hose and put a nylon on the end of it, turn on the hose and it sucks up all the crap in the bottom of a pool and collects it in the nylon. It works really well.

  • chris45771618:

    Invest in a pool cleaning kit, it should come with a handle and many attachments. Including a vaccum that is run off of watere pressure. Sun and Sand makes the one I am referring to, sold at walmart

  • Maggie:

    They sell pool vacuum cleaners which should be used regularly anyway.

  • windancerhil:

    You are pretty much stuck. Those alleged filter systems aren’t strong enough to operate a manual vacuum. Short of purchasing an additional pool pump for vacuuming there isn’t any way out. Sorry.
    Score another one for Wally World.

  • Kamikaze Kid:

    I would purchase a hand operated pump and attach a hose at bottom to place and direct at bottom of pool. The discharge end can be just place over a fine mesh screen like a pool net or cheese cloth. You can get this done for under $50.00

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