Cheap way to fill up a swimming pool

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For filling up bigger pools with water…is there a cheaper way? We just moved into a house, and everything was a wreck. The pool was left with dirty water for about 2 years we assume, and it was horrible. We just cleaned it out and were thinking about asking the fire station to fill it up with water. My question is, would that work? or is there a cheaper way than spending a few hundred dollars to fill it up?

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  • Buttsoap:

    Some areas limit filling pools to hauled in water. But you can use your house water to fill pool. Contact your city to be sure and if you can it will only cost $75, 15,000 gallons here in Southern California.

    Get a pool cleaning company to balance your water and set things up if you have not had a pool before.

    Best to not wait a long time to fill pool since the pool empty is lighter than the ground it sits in and can float out of the hole on high ground water.

    You’re welcome!!

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